Is Routine Use of a Face Mask Necessary inside the Operating Room?

In dermatology practice, therefore, it is postulated that some adverse skin reactions could occur on the face that might be associated with the normal utilization of this new normal of Face Mask wearing. There were several reports7-11of adverse skin reaction related to the personal protective equipment, as an example, masks, gloves, etc, with this pandemic, however, the need to employ this protective equipment remains necessary. This came to the purpose of the existing research to focus for the prevalence of side effects about the skin covered by the breathing apparatus along with the associated factors that might cause adverse skin reactions. The results can help in preventing further adverse skin reactions while the need to wear a breathing filter within this COVID-19 pandemic remains necessary.

Face Mask

There is a tremendous amount of disinformation circulating concerning the utilization of masks to lower transmission of COVID-19. As with many facets of the pandemic, mask use is becoming politicized which is unfortunate when it comes to public health. All science, including public health science, is messy. Recommendations change as evidence receives. A new virus with limited data, such as the coronavirus causing COVID-19, enhances the uncertainty.

Initially there were a substantial shortage of masks for frontline workers, which has been why authorities were not wanting to recommend mask wearing for the average man or woman. It is understandable that individuals may look back at this old advice instead of know very well what to imagine. I think we ought to trust the public health scientists and realize their recommendations may change as better data receives. It took years to totally understand transmission of HIV. People who disregarded emerging strategies for safe practices in the past of HIV would not fare in addition to those that took precautions to shield themselves in addition to their household.


From a medical standpoint, you will find there’s theoretical potential for an airflow obstruction when wearing a mask. A subjective a sense strained breathing rarely occurs when wearing surgical masks. When wearing very dense masks without valves (N95/FFP2-3), breathing occurs against an air flow resistance. Theoretically, an increase in work of breathing can take place, especially during physical exertion.

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